We are an indie game studio, with an ambitious vision to change the game industry through storytelling,Services                                     originality and memorability. Change the way people look at video games. For more in-depth information about our vision and us, go to the “About” and “Our team page”.

STORY                                                        ORIGINALITY

Story and lore are the foundation for every                      We want to make games original again. Our                                           project. We hope to deliver an amazing and                     intention to build upon new ideas and create                                           memorable experience for everyone with                         new games hopefully allows for a great deal of                                     every game.                                                                      fun and originality.

FUN                                                             FOR EVERYONE

We strive to make games not only with good                   Our focus is not just to develop games for a                                     storytelling, but also with a huge fun factor.                     select few, but make them entertaining for and                                       Make every game enjoyable.                                           accessible to everyone.





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