The Story of Gip


Status: On hold

Our first video game. We are currently still developing this game.

The Story of Gip(name could change) is a 2.5D sidescoller platformer game set to be released for android phones and tablets later this year. In this game you will follow our main character Gip on his journey to change the law off his country and stop the inforcers. The game is set in a cartoony fantasy like world, named Namur, with a classic platformer feel.

We hope to bring back the old school classic gameplay with a modern visual and shapeshifting twist. The game will be played from a 2D perspective but the characters and interactive objects will be 3D, where the world will be 2D.

Quick story overview

The story of Gip is about a young farmboy that hase been wrongly accused of a crime.                                                                         Now transformed into apig(reason for that will be explained on a later time) escaped                                                                             from the clutches of the mage enforcers and needs to, with the help of the mage follower Faye, use his new found form and abilities to his benefit. To stop the Mages and save his town.

Révanché_Pictogram1 Trogg_Pictogram1


*No further information is available at this time and will be released on a later time.