Virtual Link


Virtual Link

Virtual link is a mini manga series that is created by us. It’s the very first series we are producing and publishing on our own. The first volume was released on the 5th of january 2016 and is a continuing series till this day. We wanted to see what we could do with a creative storytelling and art team.


The manga was developed by the following people:

Christopher van der Kieft (Snow) – Writer, art director, supervisor, art & concept designer                                           Jelle de Vos(TheFoxer) – Writer, Supervisor, Story director                                                                                     Maera dark – Writer, Lead artist, art & concept designer                                                                                           Ellen Schoen – Writer, art & concept designer


Story                                                                                                                                                                       In a virtually amazing world there lives a young boy that dreams of becoming the most powerful warrior in the entire world. A world that is in constant battle with monsters, beasts and other cities. Everyday people are being trained to fight againts the evil that threatens their world and the balance of everything. Only on person can unite the cities, stop the endless fighting, stop the evil and uncover the deep secret that this world holds. This boy with his willpower wil train to achieve this power and wil unlock the truth. 





Virtual Link Volume 1: The beginning                                                                     Download