Cabinet Studios is a company that creates video games on different kinds of platforms.Cabinet_Gamers_Logo_V7

Cabinet Studios is a video game company, based in The Netherlands. It was founded in 2015 by 2 ambitious people (take a look at the team page for more information) with a multimedia background that love video games, who wanted to take the gaming industry into a new direction. We thought that the gaming industrie as a whole is going in a completely wrong direction, games aren’t about great stories, memorability and gameplay anymore and we are here to change that.

As a video game company Cabinet Studios tries to define itself through storytelling, gameplay and a great fun factor.

We as a company feel like games should be about telling a good story and having fun, not just making money. Therefore we are trying to build up a company in which fun and a great storyline/lore are our main focus.

Besides storytelling, we also strive to make our games filled with originality and memorability. We want to make games original again. Our intention to build upon new ideas and create new games hopefully allowes for a great deal of fun and originality and also make them accessible and playable for everyone.

Our focus, is not just to develop games for a select few, but make them entertaining and accessible for everyone.


Besides video games, we try to implement all kinds of products and media. Follow us on different kinds of social-media with the buttons below. We also have a Youtube channel called “Cabinet Gamers”(see our cabinet gamers page). There we promote our games, do let’s plays, challenges, etc.. With more kinds of video’s added over time. Through social-media and all sorts of platforms we hope to make our company very personal, accessible and fun for everyone. We expand our company with all sorts of media and products. Besides video games we also strive to expand beyond games and into more other products such as comics, mangas, animations, etc.